Plus42 history

2022-08-13: release 1.0.10

* Fixed crash in PARSE when parsing ITEM().
* Fixed (re,im) complex pasting. This was broken by localized copy & paste.
* Special cases for pure real and pure imaginary in SQRT.

2022-06-19: release 1.0.9

* SGN() didn't evaluate its parameter, and instead consumed the value from
  level 1. Fixed.
  Note that this was a code generator bug; any expressions containing SGN()
  will have to be re-parsed in order to eliminate the effects of this bug.
* SOLVE in PLOT, when used with a function with X:<STK>, would create an
  extraneous variable named "". Fixed.

2022-06-18: release 1.0.8

* I%YR iteration robustness improvements.
* Localized Copy & Paste.
* Fixed handling of invalid number keys in BASE.
* Setting AMORT->TABLE parameters to 1 initially.
* Fixed #P parameter check so it doesn't allow 0.
* iOS and MacOS versions: Fixed skin rendering for iOS 16 and MacOS 13.

2022-06-11: release 1.0.7

* Fixed crash in variable catalog.
* I%YR robustness improvements.

2022-06-08: release 1.0.6

* Fixed I%YR when PMT=0 (broken in 1.0.5)

2022-06-08: release 1.0.5

* TVM: PMT returned incorrect results in BEGIN mode. Fixed.
* TVM: In some cases, I%YR could return inaccurate results because of poor
  starting guesses for the iteration. Fixed.
* More accurate complex ACOS and ACOSH.
* Android version: Now removes itself from the task list if exited using OFF.

2022-05-17: release 1.0.4

* TVM: Fixed error checks in N.

2022-05-13: release 1.0.3

* SOLVE now handles functions that are always positive or always negative a bit
  better, reporting Extremum when the iteration appears to be bouncing around
  without improving, instead of continuing indefinitely.
* PLOT now detects <Not a Number> in XMIN/XMAX/YMIN/YMAX and reports Invalid
  Data, instead of freezing.

2022-05-09: release 1.0.2

* Added code to prevent freeze in PLOT under certain circumstances.

2022-05-09: release 1.0.1a (Android only)

* Fix for crash on startup with Android versions before 4.3.

2022-05-05: release 1.0.1

* DIM "X", when X existed but was not a matrix, would cause a crash. Fixed.
* Equations: NOT was broken, not recognized as Boolean operator. Fixed.
* Equations: Added TYPE? and UNIT? functions.

2022-05-05: release 1.0a (Windows and Linux)

* More efficient display updating, so long-running programs that update the
  display a lot don't waste a lot of CPU time repainting the display faster
  than the human eye can see, and spend more time actually running the program
  instead. Note that this update is for Windows and Linux only, because the
  Android, iOS, and MacOS versions already worked this way.

2022-04-27: release 1.0

* Based on Free42 3.0.11, with the addition of: a larger and resizable display,
  algebraic equations, attached units, directories, time value of money and
  amortization schedules, and function plotting.

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